The Integration of 360-degrees as well as HD Camera on Sentry360

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Sentry360, the company which was founded by Thomas Carnevale, is now one of the fastest manufacturers of IP-camera in the entire industry. Recently, it has just announced that 360-degree cameras will be integrated with Verint Video Management Software. If you are not familiar with Verint, it is a valued partner of the company which aims to provide comprehensive and innovative solution in the securities which are already proven effective on various kinds of applications.

According to Thomas Carnevale, the CEO and founder of the company, they are so pleased to launch their partnership with the Verint System. Upon the completion of the integration, their joint focus will then pose for leverage on the multi-location high end retail as well as enterprise mass transit clients and customers so they can be benefited from the combined solutions.

With the help of the Verint Video Management Software, they can both offer unparalleled level of perception to the ability of the end user in capturing and analysing incidents happening around. This integrated solution, business and organization can be able to act intelligently on the latest events and happening within the area making much better decision for the whole enterprise.

This is one step ahead of the plan of Thomas Carnevale towards the innovation and development of his company. This dedicated leader spent most of his time on providing both of the hardware and software surveillance and intelligent cameras. He utilized his skills in telecommunication and further harnesses it on his company which leads into excellent results.

There’s no wonder that there are still more project, collaboration and integration to come with the stated company above. Having a great leader such as Thomas Carnevale is something one must thank for. Aside from his great contribution in the field of the security, he also serves as an inspiration for those entrepreneurs who are just planning to start up their business.

He is an investment leader, genius in technology and product development and at the same time an expert in engineering stuff. He is c consultant of the Gerson Lehman Group, primary search firm business. Carnevale, one of the greatest names in the business world was been recognized on the different publication both in local and international media. As a matter of fact, his ideas and opinions were one of the most sought-after on the emerging issues of security business.